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Contract Manufacturing Firm Coastal Life Technologies Completes First Phase of Warehouse Improvement Initiative

Coastal Life Technologies, a San Antonio-based contract manufacturing outsource provider focused on delivering turn-key services for medical devices, has completed the first phase of its warehouse improvement initiative. The improvements are based on Lean Principles and mark the first application of Lean to a process outside of manufacturing.

After receiving training in Lean principles and techniques, CLT’s team mapped out the material handling process to identify baseline performance and highlight opportunities for improvement. The team used Spaghetti Maps, Pareto analysis and visual management tools to modify the layout of the raw material storage area. Some key improvements include:

  • Increased the number of locations by 28% in the same footprint for better utilization of space
  • Improved ergonomics and inventory organization
  • Added use of hand held scanners to make real time inventory transactions, reducing errors and cutting component picking time by 50%
  • Increased Pick to Order efficiency of 14%

Two other Warehouse projects are underway and scheduled for completion in the next few months. CLT plans to continue to use Lean techniques on support activities as part of its overall continuous improvement strategy.

Pam Peters, CLT Logistics Manager commented, “We needed a better way to organize and streamline our raw material storage and handling. Because of our growth, we needed to focus on the process from start to finish.”

Centrally located in San Antonio, Texas Coastal Life Technologies, Inc. (CLT) is a single-source solution for medical device manufacturers who want to increase productivity and decrease time to market in a cost-effective and quality-controlled environment. CLT specializes in the assembly, packaging and sterilization of single-use surgical devices, and offers streamlined solutions from designing and engineering a product, warehousing, order fulfillment, distribution and shipping. CLT is ISO 13485:2003 certified with ISO Class 8 cleanrooms.

Corporate History

  • 2000

Coastal Life Technologies (CLT) is established in San Antonio, Texas. Originally a manufacturer of medical laser fibers, the company quickly responds to customer needs by developing internal tools to handle a variety of production disciplines for the medical device industry.

  • 2003

CLT expands its ISO Class 8 clean room to accommodate growth.

  • 2004

In response to customer demand, CLT increases its warehousing and distribution capacity by 10,000 square feet.

  • 2005

A second ISO Class 8 clean room is added to meet customers’ needs and accommodate increased production levels.

  • 2007

All manufacturing and distribution operations are consolidated into one 40,000 square foot facility, expanded to maximize efficiency, service and convenience for clients.

  • 2009

Approaching full capacity. Exploring busines park expansion options.

  • 2010

CLT adds 15,000 square feet of additional climate controlled warehouse to fill demand.

  • 2011

Automation is added to our production processes for managing tubing.

  • 2012

Form/fill/seal capability is added in response to requests and demands for higher volume packaging.

  • 2013

CLT adds electro-mechanical assembly and soft goods manufacturing to our core competencies.